Lace Wig Care Essential Guide

Lace wigs are in style amongst many wig wearers as they’re durable and lightweight. That said, lace wigs are additionally delicate and as such, care must be observe to ensure that it will last longer than your average wig. As this type of wig includes laces, it is vital to make use of a unique brush to stop any shedding of the hair attached to the wig cap.


Before purchasing a wig, it is critical to try it first. New wigs normally have a strip of bare lace which wearers can trim away. The strip of lace is an added protection as when the lace starts to fray, the hair in the hairline area will not shed. One can trim the surplus strips however it is important to leave a little bit to hold the material together. To make certain that the hairpiece enhances your face shape, tie your natural hair in a beehive circle or do a flat braid in order that the wig will be as near the scalp as possible.


As soon as you purchase your hairpiece, it is critical to start with clean hair. Dirt or oil from the hair can damage your wig and as such, it is necessary to start with a clean hair and scalp. Since most adhesives do not work well with oil, use a medical grade alcohol to clean the area the place the adhesive will be applied.

As soon as the realm within the hairline is cleaned, position the wig about half an inch away from your precise hairline. This would make sure that the piece will keep in place as well as forestall the adhesive from sticking to your natural hair. Use only adhesives which can be specifically made for this as some adhesives include chemical compounds that will result to skin irritation. You need to use bobby pins to keep your natural hair from accidentally sticking out.

Care and Upkeep

As lace wigs are delicate, it is essential to clean the wig regularly. Use a shampoo and conditioner specifically made for wigs instead of your common shampoo. These hair products have added ingredients that prolong the lifetime of your hairpiece. Wash the hairpiece in a lukewarm water, dipping it out and in to ensure that the residue is remove. Squeeze all of the water out earlier than making use of conditioner to the wig. Use a sealer to prevent and decrease shedding. To detangle the hairpiece, use a solution of ¼ cup bleach to 1 gallon of hot water. Use a wide comb to detangle the hair. After soaking, shampoo and deep condition the hairpiece to convey back its shine. Detangle the hairpiece a few instances only as doing so incessantly can degrade the quality of the hairpiece.

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